We at Horsepower Xp recognise the importance of syndicate membership of racehorse ownership and the need to increase awareness of the benefits that being a syndicate member can bring.

Syndicate Stable

Horsepower Xp launched a four-day unique event called The Syndicate Stable at the St Leger Festival 2019 to promote and raise the profile of syndicates to racegoers. The event was held in a premium marquee in the Grandstand enclosure.

We had 15+ syndicates and clubs from all over the UK participate at the event, which entitled them having their own space in the marquee, giving them the opportunity to meet racegoers and show just how affordable and accessible being a racehorse owner can be. Also, describing the benefits and thrill of being in a syndicate.

We welcomed St Leger racegoers to The Syndicate Stable who were interested in finding out about being in a syndicate and registering their interest to syndicates. A couple of syndicates even had competitions for free shares in a racehorse.

Megan, Titanium Racing syndicate manager, said on Twitter: “A great day yesterday in the Horsepower Xp marquee promoting Titanium Racing – nice to see so many pop in and discover more about how affordable ownership really is!”

Our managing director Louise, who is also the founder of The Syndicate Stable concept, said: “Absolutely fantastic. A real punt by Horsepower Xp to create something so innovative and progressive for UK racing. Really proud of our team and brilliant participation from 15+ vibrant syndicates, all signing up new members and growing their clubs.”

Who joined us at The Syndicate Stable?

FOB Partnerships, Foxtrot Racing, Grange Park Racing, Hope Eden Racing, Johnnie Delta Racing, Middleham Park Racing, Nick Bradley Racing, The Racing Manager, Rebecca Menzies Racing, Robert Stephens Racing, Sheep as a Lamb Racing, Titanium Racing, URSA Major Racing, Yorkshire Owners Racing Club

Our chosen charity for the year, The Way of The Horse, was also present at The Syndicate Stable.
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