Social media strategy

The instantaneous currency of social media offers every business a direct and fast approach to connect with current, and future racegoers. 

Whilst some activity needs to be responsive, such promoting as a surprise 20/1 winner, the most effective use of posting content is when it is targeted, planned and as part of an overarching strategy mapped to key marketing tactics. 


At Horsepower Xp we can set out with you, key platform techniques linked to retention and conversion to a course visit, or a ticket purchase to a special event. We are versed in using the latest trends to build your profile on the right platform, or platforms, and vitally, drive interaction and positive social advocacy. 

Our team will develop a social media strategy that fits around your pace and profile level, with all content approved. The service can be set up for regular content contribution, or used in the build up for the higher profile races or unique events. It works around your preference.