Horsepower Xp, working with the horse racing industry across audience engagement, experience design and major event production.



Maximise your racecourse reach

Racecourses are extremely busy businesses. The ongoing functionality of delivering race meetings, BHA compliance and delivering the on-course customer experience rightly takes priority, meaning sometimes, the design and planning audience development can be left in the stalls.

The team at Horsepower Xp will work with you to build audiences and add to their positive experience with you.

Customer delight

2019 is a challenging time with audiences being saturated with choice for sporting days out with over exposure to marketing material on smart devices checked 60+ times a day. 

This is where Horsepower Xp can support you to stand out.

Bespoke solutions

With decades of experience in horse racing and communications, the team at Horsepower Xp are able to design, plan and implement audience engagement tactics to improve brand profile, raceday footfall and commercial metrics adding power and resource to your team when you need more planning delivery or on the ground at fixtures/events. 

Bespoke and budget sensitive plans are designed and delivered around what you need for the results, both short and long term, that your vision wants to achieve. 

Making a difference

Members of the Horsepower Xp team are investors in racing with ownership of thoroughbreds at Varian’s Stables, and hold decades-long passion for racing. 

We work with racecourses, and linked businesses to nurture and add to the sustainability of the sport. 

At Horsepower Xp, we care about adding to the quality of experience on-course, enticing audiences to experience the Sport of Kings and to become racing fans. To take in the thrill of a live race at first hand and the roar of the crowd, is unparalleled in sport or live entertainment.  

Modern techniques for creating audience content at events to connect and build loyalty (and repeat visits) are equally important.


Horsepower Xp is owned by Holland Alexander UK Ltd